I am currently IT Lead Developper Ruby on Rails at TSC: Agency at Paris. We are an agile and innovative agency that offers start-to-finish solutions for all of your digital customer relationship management needs, including: Digital Care Strategy and Consulting, Selfcare and Messaging Solutions and Social Care Hubs and Communities.

    • Developer of the Facebook Messenger Gem Bobot
      Built a Ruby wrapped framework to build easily a Facebook Messenger Bot ! 💻
    • Developer of the Facebook Messenger Chatbot Atonservix
      Built an amusement park chatbot which will support your visit ! 🎢 🎡
    • Master 2 Degree from EPITECH (European Institute of Technology)
      Learned with a modern model built on experience, oriented towards action and project development, enriching theory through practical application.
    • Previous job Viadeo (LinkedIn like)
      Built a modern backoffice for customer services section to optimize theirs responses times.
    • Previous job SociAddict (Influencers Network)
      Built the necessary tools to pilot your influence at its best and make it stand out to brands and agencies looking for particular influencers by crawling your posts likes comments on socials medias.