About us

Woonkey is created by a duo of IT developers who have graduated from one of the best IT Schools in France: Epitech.
Our services are one of the most interesting on the current web.
We could make a product from A-to-Z with exceptional quality.

Our experiences with several companies gave us the abilities to handle quality services.
Our computer sciences major in one of the best IT School in French has allowed us to develop the skills to produce high quality products in a short amount of time.
You can trust us.

Below, you can find some of our previous works.
Have fun.


Full-Stack developer & Web mobile software engineer

Hi, I'm Navid Emad! [curriculum vitae]
I'm a french 4th year IT student, in the Parisian school Graduate School of Digital Innovation.
I'm currently studying CSU at the University of California, San Marcos, as an international student.
Available for an internship (full-time) in California from March to August 2017.
Intrigued? We may have common interests. Do not hesitate to contact me.


Ruby on Rails developer & Android mobile developer

Hi, this is Alain Nguyen! [curriculum vitae]
I am a French 4th year IT student at Epitech Paris.
I am currently studying IT computing at Cal State San Marcos.
In addition to being a student, I am CEO, Founder and developer of two companies.